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My Journey

Keri Randall is a Neurological Integration System (NIS) Practitioner with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Chemistry. She is Licensed Massage Therapist with over 16 years experience. And has spent the last seven years educating people on how to use Essential Oils as part of a natural method to managing health. The combination of NIS, Massage Therapy and Essential Oils allows Keri to effectively help clients support their health with a natural, integrative approach. NIS treatment is suitable for the whole family! The approach is safe, non-invasive, non-manipulative, therefore it is one of the safest methods of natural treatment. Click this link for a list of some issues that NIS can treat Keri’s Massage Therapy is a clinical approach to pain relief, injury treatment and injury prevention. In addition, she is educated and passionate about Compassionate Touch and Massage for Later Life Stages. The Wellness Hub is located at Gateway Wellness Associates.

Keri's goal is to help others regain and maintain a pain free, thriving, and healthy life.  

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