Reiki Treatment

Membership Options

These options provide a way to maintain monthly treatments at a better price.  Accounts will be charged once a month, but can be cancelled at any time.  There is no cancellation fee. Credit for unused  memberships will accrue for no longer than six months before being automatically stopped.


Membership Level 1

Receive two 60 minute massages per month.

Membership Level 2

Receive two 90 minute massages per month.

Membership Level 3

Receive one 60 minute massage and one NIS session per month.

The Continued Intrinsic Experience

One Intrinsic Wellness Experience per month.  This option keeps the body in a state of healing and high functioning, as well as releasing pain and trauma.

Treatment Packages

Purchase a series of treatments and save without the commitment of a monthly membership.

NIS Treatment Series

3 NIS Sessions

The Intrinsic Wellness Program

Consists of a full series of 4 Intrinsic Wellness Experiences. This ensures the body is healing and processing and recovering at its highest potential. This is a great way to begin treatment at The Wellness Hub, then continue on with the monthly Continue Intrinsic Experience.