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The Hub

Partners, Colleagues and Trusted Practitioners

The Hub section of our website is dedicated to businesses and practitioners that The Wellness Hub actively partners with for wellness sessions, events and complementary therapies.     Also listed here are the businesses and practitioners that are highly recommended and trusted by The Wellness Hub.


Anodyne of Manchester

At Anodyne, the goal is to improve your quality of life by effectively treating your chronic pain without the use of opioids, while improving your function and mobility to get back to the activities that you enjoy most. We treat the problem rather than masking it. We do not believe in providing temporary relief while the underlying problem can actually get worse over time, eventually leading to surgical procedures which could have been avoided.  THE WELLNESS HUB ACTIVELY PARTNERS WITH ANODYNE TO PROVIDE PAIN RELIEF THROUGH THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE.

Amber Webb Coaching

Amber Webb coaching is transformational life coaching.  Amber has a truly impactful way to help her clients find the root cause of issues in their life.  NLP guides clients, providing effective and immediate results.  THE WELLNESS HUB OFFERS COMPLEMENTARY SERVICES THAT ALSO FIND ROOT CAUSE FOR ISSUES AND CALM THE NERVOUS SYSTEM THROUGH THE COACHING PROCESS.

Renew Mind & Body Wellness

Renew Mind and Body Wellness is a total body holistic health center with a diverse array of therapeutic modalities for both mind and body.  Our goal is to teach and empower our clients to be the best versions of themselves. We serve clients of all ages. Children, teens, adults, and seniors are all welcome. THE WELLNESS HUB PARTNERS WITH RENEW TO PROVIDE CLIENTS WITH FURTHER NATURAL THERAPIES TO SUPPORT OPTIMAL HEALTH.  WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE FLOAT THERAPY!