A Natural Way to Heal

During an NIS treatment your practitioner uses a muscle test and runs though of series of checks (the NIS system).  By contacting specific points on your body, your practitioner is able to identify which signals between the brain and body are not getting through.

We do not use any machines, manipulation, drugs/ medications, special diets, or exercises.

When a disconnected signal is identified we use a method called integration and ‘tap’ a very specific area of the cranium so that the brain is able to restore the signal.

After treatment, the brain is able to begin returning your body back to its proper function.  In our experience, patients will experience some relief and progress in the space of one visit, but to fully resolve complaints it usually requires a program of treatments over several visits. Treatment with NIS is different, as we are working to address underlying causes so that the end result is sustainable. At the end of your session, change is already beginning; however this is a process and may continue for some days or weeks (depending on your complaint).

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