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Green and Purple Succulents

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Treatments Offered

The Wellness Hub offers a variety of services and treatments to help you gain and support optimal health. We use an integrative approach to assist you in reaching your health and pain relief goals through body work, NIS, frequency healing and Essential Oils.

Enhanced Wellness Session

60 minute personalized session    $120

Head Massage

Elite Wellness Session

90 Minute Personalized Session   $170


Neurological Integration System (NIS)

NeuroLink (NIS) Session           $75


Biofeedback Scan and Frequency Healing Session

Individual Session          $25

Soothing Bell

Essential Oil Applications and Education

Symphony of Cells Stand Alone Session        $65

For information about One on One Consultations

or Free Public Classes, 

Contact Me

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Treatment Combos

Massage Treatments and NIS sessions can be combined for amazing results.  Symphony of the Cells can be added to a Massage or NIS session.  Hot Stones can only be added with a Massage.  Try one of our Therapeutic Wellness Sessions or check out the other memberships and packages.

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